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  • Security Assessments
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Technology Planning
  • Desktop/Server Configuration
    & implementation
  • Network OS Installations
    / Migrations / Updates
  • Installation and Project Management
  • Patch Management
  • Standardize Operating Environment
  • Wireless Site Surveys & Installations
  • Router/ Switch Configuration
  • Life Cycle Management

Network Design & Consulting
Wired Direct staff of certified Engineers can help make your current network environment productive or help design a new network to better meet your needs. We can design your network so that your company is more productive and more profitable. We develop technology solutions based on your company's needs and operational objective.

On-Site Retainer Service
Wired Direct can provide your company with a highly trained Engineer to service your network and computers on a monthly basis. This service provides network updates, fixes, troubleshooting, and preventative maintenance. A retainer service ensures that your network is well maintained and increases productivity by decreasing downtime and network problems.

Remote Retainer
At Wired Direct, we are always striving to make your business more efficient. With Remote Retainer, we are able to provide the regular Retainer services from a remote location as long as your company has high speed Internet and a remote access server. This means less down time for your employees and quick and easy access for our technicians for fixes and troubleshooting at any time.

Remote Management
Remote Management Service (RMS) allows Wired Direct to provide the toolsand technology necessary for us to monitor and administer your network from a remote location. With RMS, you will receive daily automated monitoring and weekly administration of your network. This willlead to reduced downtime and increased productivity for your company.

Network Mapping
Having an accurate list of installed hardware and software will enable Wired Direct to make recommendations about hardware, software and network upgrades, technology advances, software license administration and answer specific questions you may have about
your current technology.


Remote Backup Solutions
Wired Direct provides an off site encrypted backup solution for companies who have a high speed Internet connection. An online, off site backup ensures that a full backup of all files will be completed even in the event of software or tape drive failure. Thus, increasing the security of your company's information.

Security Consulting
Your corporate data security is a very high priority at
Wired Direct. As part of our Security Package, we
carefully analyze password security, group permissions, access policies, and firewalls to ensure your data is
being protected.

Mobile Information Services
Mobility and network access is becoming a greater trend with businesses these days. Mobile Information Services (MIS) allows your employee's to work from home, a client site or any other place that has Internet access. MIS also offers a secure wireless solution for offices where cabling is impractical, such as Conference Rooms.

Spam Solutions
The need to monitor email messages for viruses, offensive or confidential content has never been more evident. At Wired Direct, we recommend a comprehensive email content checking and anti-virus solution to safeguard your mail server and network. This solution will increase your business and email security, along with an increase in efficiency.

Customer Service
Above all Wired Direct strives to provide the highest level of customer service. We have engineers on call 24 hours a day to service your account in an emergency.