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Electronic messaging is mission critical, but it remains vulnerable to a growing array of threats. Viruses, worms, denial-of-service attacks, spam, and the need to satisfy a growing set of government regulations and legal actions all make effective messaging security and management increasingly difficult. Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services for messaging security and management is composed of four distinct services that help organizations protect themselves from e-mail-borne malware, satisfy retention requirements for compliance, encrypt data to preserve confidentiality, and preserve access to e-mail during and after emergency situations. The services are deployed over the Internet using a “Software as a Service” model which helps minimize additional capital investment, free up IT resources to focus on other value-producing initiatives, and mitigate messaging risks before they reach the corporate firewall.


How It Works

With just a simple mail exchange (MX) record configuration change, Exchange Hosted Services can be up and running quickly. There is no additional hardware to provision; no additional software to buy, install, or configure; and no expensive training required for your IT staff. Furthermore, there is no need for you to change or modify your existing e-mail infrastructure, nor to install and maintain any new hardware or software. The heart of Exchange Hosted Services is a distributed network of data centers located at key sites along the Internet backbone. Each data center contains fault-tolerant servers that are load-balanced from site to site and from server to server. In the unlikely event that one data center is unavailable; traffic can be easily routed to another data center, minimizing the chances of interruption to the service.

Solutions Overview

Microsoft Exchange Hosted Filtering
• Active content, connection, and policy-based filtering
• Multi-engine spam and virus scanning
• E-mail queuing when server is unavailable
• Low false positive ratios

Microsoft Exchange Hosted Archive
• Support to help satisfy industry and regulatory retention requirements
• Spam filtering before archival
• Rapid search and retrieval
• Fully functional backup e-mail system

Microsoft Exchange Hosted Continuity
• Accessible e-mail during and after network outages
• 30-day rolling historical message store
• Searchable message store for easy recovery

Microsoft Exchange Hosted Encryption
• Policy-based encryption from sender to recipient
• Intuitive interface for minimal end-user training


Features and Benefits

• Provide multiple real-time antispam and antivirus defenses
• Help eliminate threats before they reach the corporate firewall
• Provide backup e-mail systems for rapid disaster recovery
• Help satisfy external requirements for e-mail retention and monitoring
• Assist with internal policy enforcement
• Respond quickly to e-discovery requests
• Help eliminate up-front capital investment
• Help free up administrator time to focus on other projects

Rapid Deployment and Simplified
Messaging Management

Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services offer extraordinary ease of implementation. There is no need for enterprises to change or modify their existing e-mail infrastructure or to install and maintain any new hardware or software. With a simple configuration change to their Domain Name System (DNS), customers can begin using Microsoft Exchange services right away. There is no hardware to provision; no software to buy, install, or configure; and no expensive training required for IT staff or the end users.

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